Vaulture is beautiful because...

Its really fast.

Uploading, downloading and file sharing on Vaulture is faster than any other cloud drives on the market.


Its got the best encryption.

Vaulture encrypts your file both when they are being transferred over the internet and when they are at rest in our data centers. Vaulture is designed to comply with a wide range of industry and government regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, MiFID, CJIS and FERPA.


It replicates your data.

Your data is replicated 3 times and stored seperatly in 3 distinct data centers across the USA and Europe. This makes it extremely unlikely to lose your files.


Its so simple to share files

Vaulture generates a QR code for every file, simply let your friends scan the QR code and the files are shared instantly.


Everything is just simple

Vaulture delivers the most human expirience for a cloud drive, our goal is to make interacting with your files enjoyable.


...and its super cheap!

Why use a cloud drive?

Hi I am George from LA

I am a youtuber and deals with Terabytes of videos.

Vaulture's speed and price lets me manage my videos anywhere, no more need for stashes on hard drives on my shelf.

Hi I am Amelia from Toronto

I am a wedding photographer

I take hundreds of photos per wedding for my clients. Vaulture lets me send all of the photos to them in a matter of minutes and in an elegant manner which improves our client satisfaction.

Hi I am Matt from London

I am a father of two beautiful daughters

I have thousands of photos worth of memory of my two girls growing up, those photos are worth more than anything to me. Vaulture's data redundancy feature lets me rest at ease at night knowing that these memories will not vanish.

Hi I am Estella from New York City

I work in finance and I don't have a lot of time laying around

On the weekend, I take trips to explore the world with friends and consolidating photos after is always a pain. Vaulture lets me mass upload into a sharing folder and get back to my life.

Hi I am Kyle from Sydney

I am a digital nomad, I stays in a city for no more than two months at a time

I take my memories and work with me on my laptop and I pray dearly that these devices don't get lost or stolen. Vaulture have me rest assured.

Hi I am Craig from San Francisco

I run a technology startup with 55 employees

The majority of our internal activities happen on Slack, Vaulture lets us log in on our Slack accounts and start managing our files in seconds. Btw, it is also an extremely affordable solution.